Administration Law / Professional Licensing

You’ve worked hard to become a licensed insurance or real estate professional. Kraeber Law is here to defend your livelihood if your license is in jeopardy.

We Want Your Career To Be Secure.

If you are facing a challenge to your professional license by either the California Department of Real Estate or Department of Insurance, the attorneys at Kraeber Law Office will navigate the unique legal proceedings involved to obtain the best possible result. From the application process, to investigations, document submissions, enforcement actions, appearances at hearings, and appeals, we are here to help.

Faced with the possibility of the losing the professional license that provides for your family, we take a pro-active approach to dealing with the involved agencies and engage in early dialogue with an aim of achieving the quickest and best outcome so you can stop losing sleep agonizing over the possibilities. We will explain every step of the process with the pros and cons of alternate approaches; there is no one-size-fits-all. The process can be complex and frustrating, but we work hard to advance our clients’ rights and to protect their interests.